Damon Young Memorial

First Posted: 6/27/2007

The Damon S. Young Memorial 5K and 10K Run and 5K Walk was held Saturday, June 16, in Tunkhannock. Proceeds benefitted the Damon S. Young Scholarship Foundation in honor of a Tunkhannock Area High School graduate who passed away in 2006 as a result of kidney cancer.
Winners of the inaugural event were as follows:

Terry Daugherty, Sara Lupinski

Overall: Nick Wadas, Bethany Gunther
14 and under, men: Reese Ayers
14 and under, women: JoAnna McGee
15 to 19, men: David Donowski
15 to 19 women: Tierney Ayers
20 to 29, men: Tommy Otterbine
20 to 29, women: Christine Stroka
30 to 39, men: Len Hormer
30 to 39, women: Karen McGee
Masters, men: Randy White
Masters, women: Stella Vovak
40 to 49, men: Martin Noll
40 to 49, women: Teresa Cavalier
50 to 59, men: Reg Thomas
50 to 59 women: Donna Fetzko
60 and over, men: Jerry Pitkus

Overall: John Martino, Kim Murley
15 to 19, men: Danny Toye
20 to 29, men: Tommy Stroka
20 to 29, women: Aymee Davis
30 to 39, men: R.J. Stiltenpole
30 to 39, women: Danielle Gall
Masters, men: Tony Korch
Masters, women: Francine Buczynski
40 to 49, men: Robert Moore
40 to 49, women: Lynn McAndrew
50 to 59, men: Ed Hetzel
50 to 59, women: Beth Gallahes.

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