More than Movies: Live theater welcomes 2016 at the Dietrich Theater

More Than Movies - Erica Rogler


    2016 is starting out with a flourish of live theater at the Dietrich.

    Auditions for spring performances of “Arsenic and Old Lace” are scheduled for 12 to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 30 and 31. Those interested in performing on stage for this play, said to be one of the funniest plays ever written, or those interested in helping behind the scenes, are encouraged to call Director Hoyt Keiser at 570-466-9407. Actors and actresses needed include three women, ages 20 to 70; 11 men, ages 20 to 70 and a female and a male understudy. Rehearsals begin March 7. What fun is in store for all!

    The 14th year for After School Players began with 26 middle and high school students enthusiastically reporting to the Dietrich Theater, ready to become immersed in the production of the play “Class Action” by Brad Slaight. Funded by the Overlook Estate Foundation, Walmart and Wells Fargo Foundation, and directed by Brenda Fager with assistant Mary Troy, this free program introduces students to all facets of the theatre arts, with lots of fun along the way.

    We at the Dietrich love to see the kids come in the first day. This year’s class looks like it is raring to go, so full of the excitement of a stage experience. Theatre games begin the class, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other and learn to work in a group. This year Brenda Fager is also planning to have the students write and perform monologues, giving everyone the chance to explore that medium.

    National Theatre Live on screen continues with one more showing of “Treasure Island,” which drew a crowd of 88 playgoers for the first showing. You have one more opportunity to see this performance at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 17. This is “Treasure Island,” the ultimate boys’ adventure story, re-imagined with young Jim now a girl, experiencing a sea voyage, pirates, and a search for treasure. The stage setting of the interior of a ship is amazing, and the use of music with the sailors singing sea chanteys enhances the theatrical experience. Tickets can be reserved online or by calling 570-996-1500.

    We are already getting reservations for Winter Fest, the brand new film festival featuring 14 foreign and independent films in 14 days.

    Yes, Summer Fest was such a success and appreciated so much, encouraging us to plan a Winter Fest, too. It will open on Friday, Feb. 12 with a gala featuring two movies, “Grandma” and “Meet the Patels,” wine, beer, popcorn, cheese and crackers, and a brownie a la mode dessert.

    A dozen more films will follow through Feb. 25 including “Room,” nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and based on the novel of critical acclaim; “Suffragette,” with Academy Award winner Carey Mulligan in this powerful drama about the women in Britain who were willing to risk everything in their fight for equality and the right to vote; and Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” with the inimitable Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh — just to name a few. A perfect mid-winter feast for the mind, soul, and appetite.

    2016 is starting out with the best of theater and the best of films. Please support us by participating in our plays or immersing yourselves in some of the best entertainment anywhere.

    You will be so glad you did!

    More Than Movies

    Erica Rogler

    Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or [email protected]

    Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or [email protected]

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