A warm sunny day in-store for Sunday

By Eileen Godin - [email protected]


    Luzerne County residents should keep their sunglasses handy Sunday as we get set up for a repeat of Saturday’s weather.

    After the chilly start Sunday, temperatures will reach 74 degrees today with a light breeze. Tonight’s temperatures will lower to around 44 degrees.

    Monday, when as we all head back to work and school, prepare for a warm day with temperatures extending up to 76 degrees. Monday night temperatures will drop to 46 degrees.

    A cold front will start to work its way through the region mid-week. Tuesday’s highs will only reach 60 degrees. Night-time temperatures will drop to 37 degrees.

    You may want to keep those lightweight jackets handy for Wednesday as day-time temperatures will only reach 59 degrees.


    By Eileen Godin

    [email protected]

    Reach Eileen Godin at 570-991-6387 or on Twitter @TLNews

    Reach Eileen Godin at 570-991-6387 or on Twitter @TLNews

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