Abington area students graduate from Penn State University

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The following Abington area students graduated from Penn State University following the spring 2016 semester:


Chad D. Faraday, of South Abington Township

University Park

Kristen N. Arcangelo, of Clarks Summit

Mary G. Chuff, of South Abington Township

Jeffrey S. Curran, of North Abington Township

Michael Delprete, of Factoryville

Roderick J. Geiger, of Clarks Summit

Arielle N. Green, of North Abington Township

Catherine I. Hartman, of Clarks Summit

Susan M. Hayner, of Clarks Summit

Michael J. Healey, of Tunkhannock

Nicole A. Jensen, of Clarks Summit

Alexa A. Julian, of Clarks Summit

Kevin A. Keisling, of Clarks Summit

Stephen P. Keisling, of Clarks Summit

Kaitlin E. Kulp, of Clarks Summit

Stephanie T. Larar, of Waverly

Valerie M. Lindner, of Falls

Matthew Q. Manahan, of Waverly

Nicholas A. McKnight, of South Abington Township

Marcello Pelicci, of Waverly

Gabrielle E. Reese, of Clarks Summit

Matthew Rynkiewicz, of Factoryville

Nicholas M. Sujkowski, of Dalton

Nicholas M. Szewczyk, of Tunkhannock

Ryan R. Thomas, of Clarks Summit

Eric L. Tschantz, of Tunkhannock

John J. Vassil, of Dalton

Bradley M. Wagner, of Clarks Summit

Worthington Scranton

William P. Beichler, of Fleetville

Tracy A. Boland, of Dalton

Jessica L. Brennan, of Dalton

Angelo M. Brutico, of Clarks Summit

Tara E. Calvey, of Clarks Green

Sarah M. Guchanyk, of South Abington Township

Ashlie L. Holen, of Dalton

Kristara V. Kopicki, of Clarks Summit

Caitlin S. Monahan, of Clarks Summit

Megan E. Nothdurft, of Clarks Summit

Anthony J. Pusateri, of Clarks Summit

Nicole A. Stefko, of Clarks Summit

World Campus

Oguz Cangoz, of Clarks Summit

Jennifer L. Farrar, of Dalton

Mary E. Guenther, of South Abington Township

Jason E. Yasinskas, of Clarks Summit


Robert J. Stevens, of Tunkhannock


For Abington Journal

Information provided by Penn State University.

Information provided by Penn State University.

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